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data integration

link all your healthcare systems

By creating HL7 interfaces, agencies can realize the benefits of integrating existing information systems without major re-investment.  We can also link systems outside of your agency to 3rd party vendors and other data sources, creating a seamless system for operational or reporting requirements.

SPR can utilize multiple tools to provide any level of integration between any systems.  We can create custom applications to meet your needs, or develop channels using open source tools such as the Mirth integration engine.

We also don’t limit ourselves to the HL7 “standards”.   Your problem is our challenge, and we can create a solution using any type of technology – email, web services or anything else you can imaging – to solve your specific issue.

Migrated Systems

Below are examples of successfully integrated systems:

  • CellTrak
  • Change (McKesson) Homecare Advisor
  • Fazzi
  • HospiceRX
  • Homecare Homebase
  • ImageNow
  • KeyHIE
  • naviHealth
  • QIRT
  • QLIQ
  • Worldview
  • Zirmed


“This type of data integration is increasingly sought after by health care delivery systems that are trying to target care based on a patient’s specific preferences or genomic information.” ~ Robert Huckman