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report writing

report done right with no hassle

We have produced thousands of reports for hundreds of Homecare and Hospice agencies.  Utilizing that experience we can take your operational and patient care knowledge and convert it into the custom reports you need to streamline your operations. 

Regardless of your reporting source or technology, SPR can create, update, integrate or customize to meet your reporting needs.  We utilize all of the major reporting tools – Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting and Analysis Services and SAP Business Objects – along with any other 3rd party or custom reporting solution.

Today, businesses of every size are investing heavily to ensure sure their data reaches its full potential. Unfortunately, that’s not as easy as just cutting a check for the latest BI software to hit the market. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the best business intelligence tool for your data, but with a little strategic thinking, it’s not impossible.” ~Christopher Donovan